• Producer: Sébastien Poussard
  • Delegate Producer: Vanessa Mujica Garcia
  • Director: Louis Godbout
  • Writer: Louis Godbout
  • Main Roles: Laurence Leboeuf, Patrick Hivon, Émile Proulx Cloutier
  • Release date: March 2019

Prizes and awards


Mathieu and Chloé go to the countryside to find themselves and regain their strength after a difficult ordeal. Their peaceful retreat, however, is soon disrupted by curious incidents. Chloe understands that they are in danger, that a threat coming from the surrounding nature hovers over them, while Mathieu believes he is helplessly watching his wife’s psychological drift. Two realities clash, tensions and secrets surface, a confrontation becomes inevitable, in this psychological thriller where lies, delusions and truth intertwine and merge.


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